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Renewal visits Pilot, Aircrew & Transport Canada
Renewal Visit A partir de 280 €

Pilot Licence Visits First class: professionnal pilot / parachutist Price incl. VAT
Visite d’admission PNT 495 €

Class 3 air controller visits Price incl. VAT
Visite d’admission classe 3 495 €

Visite d’admission classe 3 + classe 2 575 €

Aircrew visits Price incl. VAT
Visite d’admission PNC 495 €

Transport Canada Price incl. VAT
Visite d’admission Transport Canada 495 €

Transport Canada renewal visit 386 €

Class 2 expertise visit Price incl. VAT
PPL visit / Parabolic flight / Class 2 expertise 207 €

Visites OCCAR Price incl. VAT
Visite d'embauche OCCAR 317 €

Visite de renouvellement OCCAR 121 €

Expertise for derogation / appeal / dismissal Price incl. VAT
Referral to the authority for incapacity or dismissal 308 €

Additional visit for referral to the authority 280 €
Request for waiver of restriction 612 €

Permanent incapacity 612 €

Visites d’expertise médicale Price incl. VAT
Visite d’expertise ophtalmologique 207 €

Visite d’expertise ORL 207 €

Visite d’expertise vision des couleurs 207 €

Visite expatriés Airbus 317 €

Executive Medical Check-up
Executive health check-up 858 €

Other fares

Type of service Price incl. VAT
Licence conversion 96 €
Medical record transfer to another center Free
Medical record transfer to a Class 1 or 2 doctor 60 €

For all requests about our fares or question on a specific prestation, please feel free to contact us.